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I have always loved a great adventure and my imagination took me on the greatest adventures of all! My debut novel is a fantastical adventure that you will not be able to put down! "A Prince, A Wizard, and Billy McGillicutty" is about Billy and his BFF Scott. They just graduated from High School and decided to go on a camping adventure of their own at Timothy Lake on Mt. Hood. Little did they know that their lives would change forever! They decide to follow a rainbow to its end and end up encountering a leprechaun prince who vanishes when he becomes aware of their presence. The boys set a very clever trap and successfully capture the magical "little guy" who must now grant them 3 wishes in exchange for his freedom. Thus begins their magical journey into many wondrous and strange worlds and consequently find themselves right in the middle of a life changing battle between good and evil. 

A Prince, A Wizard, and Billy McGillicutty-Cover

A Prince, A Wizard, and Billy McGillicutty

Extraordinary Events Of an Old Navy Man's Life

This E-Book is based on true events that actually happened to me during my lifetime! 

Extraordinary Events of an Old Navy Mans Life-Cover

Currently Creating Audio Platforms for Both E-Books. My apologies!

Available as digital downloads only! 


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